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GTCS28-900M-R10-2 electronic component of Littelfuse

TE Connectivity Raychem Gas Discharge Tubes - GDTs Gas Plasma Arrestors

Manufacturer: Littelfuse
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GAS DISCHARGE TUBES (GDTS) Littelfuse s GDTs (Gas Discharge Tubes) are placed in front of, and in parallel with, sensitive telecom equipment such as power lines, communication lines, signal lines and data transmission lines to help protect them from damage caused by transient surge voltages that may result from lightning strikes and equipment switching operations. These devices do not influence the signal in normal operation. However, in the event of an overvoltage surge, such as a lightning strike, the GDT switches to a low impedance state and diverts the energy away from the sensitive equipment. Our GDTs offer a high level of surge protection, a broad voltage range, low capacitance, and many form factors including new surface mount devices, which makes them suitable for applications such as Main Distribution Frame (MDF) modules, high data-rate telecom applications (e.g. ADSL, VDSL), and surge protection on power lines. Their low capacitance also results in less signal distortion. When used in a coordinated circuit protection solution with PolySwitch devices, they can help equipment manufacturers meet stringent safety regulatory standards. BENEFITS APPLICATIONS Helps provide overvoltage fault protection against Telecommunications damage caused by high energy surges - MDF modules, xDSL equipment, RF systems, antenna, base stations Suitable for use in sensitive equipment due to impulse sparkover response Industrial and Consumer Electronics - Power supplies, surge protectors, alarm systems, Suitable for high-frequency applications irrigation systems Highly reliable performance New surface-mount devices for automated manufacturing FEATURES RoHS compliant Devices tested per ITU K.12 recommendations Various lead configurations and surface-mount Halogen free options (refers to: Br 900ppm, Cl 900ppm, Br+Cl 1500ppm) Wide range of voltages (75V-4000V) Optional fail-short mechanism Wide range of form factors Non radioactive materials (3mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm diameter devices) Devices certified to UL497B and UL1449 Low capacitance and insertion loss Crowbar device with low arc voltage High accuracy spark-over voltages for high precision designs RoHS Compliant, ELV Compliant Specifications subject to change without notice. 2016 Littelfuse, Inc. 73Gas Discharge Tubes (GDTs) Figures G1-G2 Typical Circuits for Gas Discharge Tubes Figure G1 Figure G2 TwTwo Electro Electrode Devices fode Devices for Ungror Ungrounded Cirounded Circuitscuits ThrThree Electree Electrode Devices fode Devices for Gror Grounded Cirounded Circuitscuits PolySPolySwitcwitch Deh Devicevice PolySPolySwitcwitch Deh Devicevice (A) (A) (A)(A) (A) (A) (A)(A) TelecomTelecom ProtectedProtected TelecomTelecom ProtectedProtected GDTGDT GDTGDT LineLine EquipmentEquipment LineLine EquipmentEquipment (B) (B) ThyristorThyristor(B)(B) (B) (B) ThyristorsThyristors (B)(B) PolySPolySwitcwitch h DeviceDevice Table G1 Device Voltage Ratings, Surge Rating, Capacitance, Insulation Resistance and Agency Approval for Two-Electrode Gas Discharge Tubes DC Impulse Impulse Sparkover Sparkover Impulse Withstanding Insulation Voltage Voltage Discharge Current Voltage Capacitance Resistance UL Rating 8x20s 8x20s 10/700s 10 Hits 300 Hits 10 Hits 100V/s (5 Hits Each (150 Hits Each (5 Times Each Part Number 20% Tolerance 1kV/s Polarity) Polarity) Polarity) 1MHz 100V UL497B E179610 DC 75* 600 90 600 GTCS23-XXXM-R01-2 1kA 100A 4kV <0.5pF 1,000 (M ) All Devices 140 600 150 600 200 700 230 700 GTCC23-XXXM-R01-2 300 900 1kA 100A 6kV <0.5pF 1,000 (M ) All Devices 350 1000 400 1000 * DCSO 60~105 Devices <=150V measured 50V DC Effective output impedance: 40ohms AC Discharge DC DC Impulse Current Sparkover Impulse Holdover On-State Discharge Impulse (1s duration Insulation Voltage Sparkover Voltage Voltage Voltage Current Life 10 hits) Capacitance Resistance UL Rating 100V/s Nominal 20% Per ( 1A) 8x20s 10x1000s UL497B Part Number Tolerance 100V/s 1kV/s ITU K.12 (V) 10 Hits 300 Hits 50 Hz 1MHz 100V E179610 DC 75 450 550 <52 20 GTCX25-XXXM-R02 2.5kA 100A 2.5Arms <1pF 10,000 (M) All Devices 90 450 550 <52 20 140 500 600 <80 20 GTCX26-XXXM-R05 150 500 600 <80 20 5kA 100A 5Arms <1pF 10,000 (M) All Devices 200 600 700 <135 20 230 600 700 <135 20 250 600 700 <135 20 GTCX28-XXXM-R05 5kA 100A 5Arms <1pF 10,000 (M) All Devices 260 700 800 <135 20 300 800 900 <150 20 350 900 1000 <150 20 400 900 1000 <150 20 GTCX28-XXXM-R10 10kA 100A 10Arms <1pF 10,000 (M) All Devices 420 900 1000 <150 20 470 1050 1150 <150 20 500 1100 1200 <150 20 550 1300 1400 <150 20 GTCX28-XXXM-R20** 20kA 100A 20Arms <1.5pF 10,000 (M) All Devices 600 1300 1400 <150 20 ** GTCX28-XXXM-R20 parts only up to 350V <1.2pF for 75V and 90V devices. RoHS Compliant, ELV Compliant 74 Specifications subject to change without notice. 2016 Littelfuse, Inc.

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8536.30 ARRESTERS, surge, gaseous discharge, but NOT including those incorporated in an encapsulating compound Op. 18.08.1987 Dec. 18.08.1987 - TC 8734320
C&K Aerospace
Hamlin Littelfuse
Hamlin / Littelfuse
Hamlin Inc
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