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NS-CA001 electronic component of Omron

Video Modules 4CH VIDEO In Mdl NS

Manufacturer: Omron
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Product Category
Video Modules
Video Input Units
Video Format Supported
Ntsc, Pal
Display Resolution - Pixels
320 X 240, 640 X 480, 800 X 600
Interface Type
169 Mm X 102.7 Mm X 22.3 Mm
Hts Code
Product Type
Camera & Video Modules
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Embedded Solutions
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Programmable Terminals NS Series Even Simpler Equipment Operation with Outstanding Synergy. 5.7 inches 10.4 inches 15 inches 12.1 inches 8.4 inches Color TFT Color TFT Color TFT Color TFT Color TFT STN monochrome Features 5.7 to 12.1 inch sizes are available. A hand-held version of the NS5 is now available to perform operations at the production site. The NS-series PT s have a complete set of functions that can be used at the production site. The Smart Active Parts(SAP Library) makes it easy to connect to OMRON PLCs and components, OMRON provides a development environment that requires with no programming and no screen designing. When an error occurs in a Unit in the OMRON PLCs, the Troubleshooter SAP Library provides an easy-to- understand explanation of the cause of the error as well as the countermeasures. Ladder Monitor come as a Standard Feature. The ladder program can be monitored onsite without a laptop Ladder monitor lets you monitor PLC program status, search for addresses or instructions, monitor multiple I/O points, and much more. Provides the FA integrated tool packageCX-On for a Screen Design Software Integrated Simulation come as a Standard Feature. The integrated simulation function simulates ladder programs and screen data simultaneously even without the actual hardware. Screens support 42 languages and the Support Software supports eight. System messages can be displayed in eight languages. Single Port Multi Access (SPMA) come as a Standard Feature. The ladder program and screen data can be transferred from a single port Connectable PLCs and devices appear one after another. Has become connectable with the PLCs of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation and the Inverters of OMRON Corporation. Sysmac is a trademark or registered trademark of OMRON Corporation in Japan and other countries for OMRON factory automation products. Windows is registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the USA and other countries. EtherCAT is a registered trademark and patented technology, licensed by Beckhoff Automation GmbH, Germany. Other company names and product names in this document are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. 1NS Series Network Provides serial NT Link communications supporting both 1:1 and 1:N connections. The NT Link has more efficient communications than Host Link and its capabilities are especially apparent in applications with multiple PTs connect to the PLC. The NS-series PTs can also support communications with multiple PLCs and multiple NS-series PTs through Controller Link and Ethernet connections, so the network can be configured freely to match the requirements and scale of the application. In addition, using the NS-Runtime makes it possible to monitor machine status and log data from the host. Software for Machine Monitoring and Example NS-series Network Data Logging (sold separately) Configuration Personal computer 1 4 EtherNet/IP (Tag access) EtherNet/IP, Ethernet CS/CJ-series NS-series PT PLC 2 Serial connection 3 Controller Link 5 Connections across network levels CS/CJ-series PLC NS-series PT NS-series PT NS-series PT 2 Serial connection CS/CJ-series CS/CJ-series PLC PLC Configuration of CJ2 series, NJ series and NX series 1 EtherNet/IP Connection (Tag accesses) If an Ethernet-compatible NS-series PT is used, the PT can connect to a Controller with built-in EtherNet/IP and an Option Unit is not needed to connect at the PT. NS-series PT NS-series PT Personal computer Controller Controller Controller 2

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8542.31.00 63 No Hybrid integrated circuits
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Omron Automation and Safety
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